Hotels Near Buildings in Boston Metropolitan Area

Action Based Enterprises
Acton Town Hall
Adams Center
Adult Literacy Resource Center
African Meeting House
Agassiz Community Center
Aggasiz House
Aiken Building
Albany Street Garage
Aldrich Building
Algonquin Club
Alumnae Hall
Alumni Center
Alumni House
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
American Medical Response of Massachusetts
American Meterological Society
Ames Building
Amy Lowell House
Anderson Hall
Andover Building
Andover Town Hall
Andrew-Safford House
Annisquam Exchange and Art Gallery
Ansin Wing
Anthony House
Antiquarian House
Archdiocese of Boston Archives
Arlington Townhall
Arnold Hall
Art Institute of Boston
Ashdown House
Atheneum Hall
Atherton Hough Elementary School Media Center
Atkinson Building
Austin Hall
Autumn Building
Bacon Hall
Bader Building
Baker Alumni Center
Baker Building
Baker House
Balch Arena Theater
Ballou Hall
Bank Block
Barat House
Barletta Natatorium
Barnum Hall
Baronian Field House
Bartol House
Battle Road Visitor Center
Battle Road Visitors Center
Bay State Correctional Center
Bayside Exposition Center
Bea House
Belfer Building
Bellingham Town Offices
Belmont Townhall
Bemis Building
Bendetson Hall
Berean Tennis Center
Berkeley Building
Berklee Performance Center
Beth Israel Research East Building
Beverly City Hall
Beverly Community Center
Bexley Hall
Bibliotheque Mallet
Billerica Town Hall
Bitter National Magnet Laboratory
Blackstone Town Hall
Blakeley Hall
Blakeslee House
Bolles Hall
Boothby Building
Boott Mill Boarding House
Boston Architectural Center
Boston Athenaeum
Boston Center for the Arts
Boston City Hall
Boston Conservatory of Music
Boston Design Center
Boston Emergency Medical Services Charlestown Station A15
Boston Emergency Medical Services Downtown Station A1 and P1
Boston Emergency Medical Services East Boston Station A7
Boston Emergency Medical Services Faulkner Station A5 and P5
Boston Emergency Medical Services Glynn Way Station A8
Boston Emergency Medical Services South Boston Station A6
Boston Emergency Medical Services Tufts Medical Center Station A4
Boston EMS Headquarters
Boston MedFlight
Boston National Park Visitor Center
Boston Renaissance Charter School Media Center
Boston University Art Gallery
Boston University Theater
Botolph House
Bourneuf House
Bowman AHANA Center
Braintree High School Media Center
Braintree Townhall
Braker Hall
Brattle Hall
Brattle Theatre
Bray Lab
Briggs Cage
Briggs Field House
Bright Hockey Center
Brightview Arlington
Broad Canal
Brock House
Brockton City Hall
Bromfield-Pearson Hall
Brookline Arts Center
Brookline Avenue Medical Building
Brookline Municipal Clubhouse
Brookline Municipal Court
Broomfield House
Brown Building
Brush Art Gallery
Buckingham Building
Buckman Tavern
Building 7
Building A
Building B
Bulfinch Place
Bunker Hill Pavilion
Burden Building
Burlington Town Hall
Burstein Hall
Burton House
Busch Reisinger Building
Bush Building
Bush Hall
Buzzell Senior Center
Byerly Hall
Cabot House
Cabot House
Cabot House
Cabot Intercultural Center
Cabot Physical Education Building
Cahners Hall
Cambridge Business Center
Cambridge Center
Cambridge City Hall
Cambridge City Hall Annex
Cambridge Guidance Center
Cambridge Hospital Outreach
Cambridge Public Works
Campion Center
Campion Hall
Canisius House
Canton Townhall
Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
Capen House
Carey Cage
Cargill Hall
Carlisle Town Hall
Carmichael Hall
Carnegie Building
Carney Hall
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Carpenter House
Carr Tennis Facility
Case Athletic Center
Catholic Center
Causens Gymnasium
Center for Advanced Engineering Study
Chandler House
Charles Playhouse
Charles River Information Center
Charles Street Jail
Charles Street Meeting House
Chase Building
Chelmsford Center Town Hall
Chelmsford Glass Works Long House
Chelsea City Hall
Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association
Cheverus Hall
Child Building
Chilton Club
Chinese Cultural Institute
Christian Science Complex
Churchill Hall
City Place Atrium
Clark Building
Claver Hall
Clough House
Cobbs Tavern
Coburns Gaming House
Codman House
Cohen Arts Center
Collins Alumni Building
Collins Building
Colonial Theatre
Columbus Place
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Community Art Center
Compass Building
Compton Gallery
Compton Laboratories
Concord Antiquarian Society
Concord Visitor Center
Connolly Carriage House
Connolly House
Conte Forum
Converse Building
Converse Memorial Building
Coolidge Building
Cooper-Davenport Tavern
Cotting Building
Cotting-Smith Assembly House
Crafts Building
Crockett Building
Crowninshield-Bentley House
Cruft Building
Cullinane Hall
Cultural Competency Resource Center
Cumnock Building
Currier Building
Curtis Hall
Cushing Hall
Cushing Hall
Cushing Hall
Custom House Tower
Daly House
Dana Biology Lab
Dana Research Center
Dana Wing
Dane Building
Danielson Hall
Danielson Institute
Dante Alighereri Cultural Center
Danvers Townhall
Davies House
Dearborn House
Decorative Arts Building
Dedham Townhall
Denison House
Devlin Hall
Devotion House
Dewick Hall
Dillon Field House
Divinity Hall
Doble Building
Dockser Hall
Dodge Hall
Dodge Hall
Donaldson House
Doric Hall
Dorrance Building
Dreyfus Building
Dudley House
Dunster House
DuPont Athletic Center
Dushesne East Building
Dushesne West Building
Duxbury Art Complex
Duxbury High School Media Center
Duxbury Middle School Media Center
Duxbury Town Hall
East Building
East Campus Alumni Houses
East Hall
East Parking Garage
East Quad
East Wing
Eastman Court
Eastman Research Laboratory
Easton Town Hall
Easton Townhall
Eaton Hall
Edgerton Germeshausen and Grier Education Center
Edgerton House
Edmonds Hall
Elihu Thompson House
Eliot House
Eliot-Pearson Child Study Center
Eliot-Pearson School
Elm Student Building
Emerson College Student Union
Emerson Hall
Emerson House
Emerson Majestic Theater
Emmons-Horrigan-O'Neil Ice Skating Rink
Enders Building
Espousal Retreat House
Essex County Court Buildings
Essex Town Hall
Evans Building
Events EMS
Everett City Hall
Exchange Conference Center
Exeter Street Theatre
Eye Research Institute
F W Olin Center for Language and Culture Studies
Faber House
Fairbank Community Center
Fairchild Building
Fairchild Building East Wing
Fairchild Building West Wing
Fairmont House
Fallon Emergency Medical Service
Faneuil Hall
Farley Building
Farr Hall
Faulkner House
Fay House
Federal Courthouse
Fegan Building
Feldberg Wing
Fenway House
Fenwick Hall
Filarmonica Santo Antonio Centro Cultural
Finard Wing
Fisher Hill Gatehouse
Fitz Hugh Lane House
Fitzpatrick Hall
Fleet Center
Flynn Building
Flynn Student Recreation Center
Ford Building
Forsyth Building
Forsyth Building Annex
Fort Warren Visitor Center
Fowler Building
Foxboro Grange Hall
Framingham Town Hall
Frederick Ayer Mansion
Freedom Trail National Park Visitor Center
Freedom Trail Visitors Information Center
Friends Meeting House
Fulton Hall
Gabelli Hall
Gannett Building
Gardner-Pingree House
Gasson Hall
George Middleton House
George R White Memorial Building
George Sherman Union
Gibbs Building
Gibson House
Glass Building
Glennon Building
Gloria Santos Media Center
Gloucester City Hall
Gloucester Lyceum
Goddard Hall
Goethe Institute
Gonzaga Hall
Goodale Building
Gordon Indoor Track and Tennis Facility
Gordon McKay Building of Engineering and Applied Physics
Gore Hall
Gore Place
Government Center
Governor Winslow House
Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge Headquarters
Green Building
Green Hall
Gropius House
Gryzmish Wing
Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory
Gund Hall
Gustave M Solomons Transportation Career Center
Hale House
Hale House
Haley Carriage House Childcare Center
Hall House
Halley House
Halligan Hall
Hamilton Building
Hamilton Hall
Hampshire House
Hancock-Clarke House
Hanover Town Hall
Hardey House
Harkness Commons
Harkness Graduate Center
Harvard Club of Boston
Harvard Coop
Harvard Hall
Harvard Sailing Pavilion
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Harvard School of Public Health
Harvard University Stillman Infirmary
Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Student Center
Haskell Hall
Haskins Building
Hastings Building
Hatch Memorial Shell
Hathaway House
Hauser Building
Hayden Building
Hayden Hall
Hayden Planetarium
Hayden Recreation Center
Hayes House
Hayward Garage
Hearth and Eagle House
Hebrew Senior Life Center
Hellenic Center
Hemenway Building
Hepzibah Swan Houses
Hermann Building
Higgins Hall
Hilel-Frager Building
Hill Hall
Hillside Building
Hillside Dormitory
Hillside House
Hobomock Arena
Hodgdon Hall
Hoffman Building
Holbrook Townhall
Hollis Building
Holman Building
Holmes Building
Holmes Hall
Holworthy Hall
Holyoke Center
Homberg Building
Home for Aged Colored Females
Hooper Mansion
Hooper-Lee-Nichols House
Hopkins House
Hopkinton Town Hall
Horticulture Hall
Hose House Number 2
Houghton Memorial Building
House of Seven Gables
Houston Hall
Hovey House
Howard Athenaeum
Humphrey Building
Hunnewell Building
Hurtig Hall
Hyde-Mills House
Hynes Convention Center
Ignacio Hall
Ignatius House
Institute of Contemporary Art
Jackson Building
Jackson Gymnasium
Jackson Homestead Document Collection Archives
James J Lynch Recreation Center
Jefferson Physical Laboratory
Jenkes Building
Jenks Learning Resource Center
Jewett Building
Jewish Community Center
Jewish Community Center
John A and Marcia E Curry Student Center
John Alden House
John B Hayes Auditorium
John D O'Bryant African American Institute
John F Kennedy Federal Office Building
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Center
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Federal Building
John Hancock Hall
John Hancock Tower
John T Smith House
John W McCormack Courthhouse
John Ward House
Johnson Athletics Center
Jonathan Corwin House
Jordan Hall
Josiah Spalding House
Judge Baker Childrens Center
Julia Ward Howe House
Kariotis Hall
Kennedy Building
Kennedy Hall
Kenny-Cottle Building
Keough Administration Building
Kerr Hall
Keyes North Building
Keyes South Building
King Solomon Lodge
Kingston Town Hall
Kirk Street Agents House
Kirkland Building
Kirkland Building
Kirkland Building
Kirsten Wing
Knowles Center
Kostka Hall
Kresge Auditorium
Kresge Building
Kresge Building
L Street Bathhouse
Lake Hall
Lampoon Building
Langdell Hall
Larsen Building
Latin Way Dorm
Lawrence House
Lefavour Building
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Correctional Unit
Leverett House
Leverett Towers
Lewis Hall
Lewis Hayden House
Lexington Town Offices
Lexington Townhall
Lexington Visitor Center
Light Hall
Lincoln Filene Center
Lincoln Town Hall
Lippman Building
List Visual Arts Center
Littauer Building
Littauer Center
Littleton Common Town Hall
Loeb Building
Loeb Drama Center
Loftman Hall
Lombardi Municipal Building
Long Island Head Light
Longfellow Building
Longfellow Home
Longwood Cricket Club
Longwood Towers
Loring Arena
Loring Parsonage
Lowell City Hall
Lowell Court
Lowell Gas Light Building
Lowell Heritage State Park Information Center
Lowell Historic Preservation Commission
Lowell House
Lowell Lecture Hall
Lowell Manufacturing Company
Lowell Manufacturing Company Agents House
Lowell Memorial Auditorium
Lowell National Historic Park Offices
Lowell National Historic Park Visitor Center
Lowell Rescue and Emergency Medical Service
Lowry Medical Office Building
Loyola Hall
Ludcke Buildling
Lyman Building
Lyman Estate
Lynn City Hall
Lyons Hall
MacCormack Building
MacGregor House
MacPhie Hall
Malden City Hall
Malden Government Center
Malkin Athletic Center
Malkin Quad
Mallinckrodt Hall
Maloch Building
Manresa House
Margaret Fuller House
Marian Building
Mariners House
Marlborough City Hall
Marshfield Town Hall
Martin Luther King Junior Center
Mary Baker Eddy House
Mary House
Masonic Temple
Masonic Temple
Mass EMS
Massachusetts Civil Defense Building
Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Cedar Junction
Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Concord
Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Framingham
Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Norfolk
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Libraries
Massachusetts Hall
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sailing Pavilion
Massachusetts Port Authority-Logan Airport
Massachusetts Soldiers Home
Massachusetts State Archives
Massachusetts State Health and Welfare Building
Massachusetts State House
Massachusetts State Service Center
Massachusetts State Transportation Building
Massachusetts States House
Mather Hall
Mather House
Matthews Arena
Matthews Arena Annex
Maureen and Richard J Egan Engineering Science Research Center
Mayer Campus Center
Mayer Labs
McCollester House
McCollum Building
McCormack Building
McCormick Hall
McCulloch Building
McCusker Center
McDermott Court
McElroy Commons
McGuinn Hall
McKenzie Building
McKim Building
McKinlock Hall
McLaurin Building
McLauthlin Building
McNair Center for Space Research
Mechanics Block
Mechanics Hall
Medical Education Center
Meissner Building
Mellen Building
Mellon Hall
Melrose City Hall
Melvin Hall
Memorial Building
Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall
Mendon Town Hall
Mercantile Wharf Building
Merkert Chemistry Center
Merrimack Gatehouse
Meserve Hall
Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering
Metcalf Hall
MetroWest Emergency Medical Services
Michael Chemical Research Lab
Mickelson Building
Middlesex County Courthouse
Middlesex County District Court of Somerville
Middlesex County House of Corrections
Milano Senior Center
Milford County Home
Mill Street Cottage
Miller Hall
Millville Town Hall
Mine House
Miner Hall
Mockler Center
Monroe Building
Moore Youth Center
More Hall
Moreau Hall
Morgan Building
Morgan Cultural Center
Morris Building
Morse Auditorium
Morse House
Mount Ida College Learning Resource Center
Mount IdaCollege Libraries
Mower Building
Muckley Building
Mudd Building
Mudd Hall
Mugar Hall
Mugar Life Science Building
Mugar Omni Theater
Munroe Tavern
Murray Carriage House
Murray House
Murray Research Center
Musuem of Our National Heritage
Myles Standish Hall
Myrick Block (Evergreen Street)
Myrick Block (historic)
Nahant Townhall
National Archives New England Region
Navin Park
Needham Townhall
New England Aquarium
New England Folklife Center
New England Hall
New England Institute
New England Womens Club
New West Campus Houses
Newell Boat House
Newton City Hall
Newton City Hall and War Memorial
Next Move Theatre
Nichols Building
Nightingale Hall
Nobscot Community Building
Norfolk County Courthouse
Norfolk County Jail
Norfolk Grange Hall
North Abington Town Hall
North Bridge Visitor Center
North Building
North Building
North Cambridge Senior Center
North End Union
North Reading Rehabilitation Center
North Shore Art Association
North Shore Community College Learning Resource Center
Northeastern Correctional Center
Northeastern University Warren Center
NortheasternUniversity Libraries
Norwell Town Hall
Norwood Townhall
Nurses Hall and Gallery
O'Connell House
O'Connor Building
O'Shea House
Odd Fellows Building
Old City Hall
Old Corner Bookstore
Old Manse
Old Market House
Old Ship Meetinghouse
Old South Meeting House
Old State House
Old Stone Tavern
Opportunity Job Center
Orchard House
Orpehum Theatre
Osborne Building
Our Lady of Grace Parish Hall
Overholt Building
Oxford Building
Packard Hall
Paige Hall
Paine Building
Palmer Building
Palmer Dixon Indoor Tennis Courts
Park Science Center
Park Square Building
Parker Building
Parker Tavern
Parsons Laboratory for Water Resources and Hydrodynamics
Patient and Family Learning Center
Paul Revere House
Pawtucket Gatehouse
Peabody Health Professions Center
Peabody Terrace
Pearson Chemical Lab
Pembroke Town Hall
Perkins Building
Pickman Meditation Center
Pierce Boathouse
Pierce Engineering Laboratory
Pierce Hall
Pierce-Hichborn House
Polish American Citizens Association
Porter Exchange Building
Pound Building
Pratt School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Presidents House
Provosts House
Prudential Center Skywalk
Putnam Building
Quaker Meeting House
Quincy City Hall
Quincy Homestead
Quincy House
Quonset Hut Gym
Rab Wing
Radcliffe Dance Center
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies
Radcliffe Residential Quadrangle
Rahner House
Ralph Landau Building
Ralph Waldo Emerson Memorial House
Randolph Townhall
Random Hall
Reading Town Hall
Reading Townhall
Reed Building
Reed Community Building
Reisman Wing
Remis Sculpture Gallery
Revere City Hall
Richards Building
Richards Hall
Richardson House
Ridge Arena
Riverview Building
Roberts House
Robinson Hall
Robinson Hall
Robsham Theater Arts Center
Rockefeller Building
Rockland Town Hall
Rockwell Cage
Roger M and Michelle S Marino Recreation Center
Rogers Building
Rogers Building
Rogers Street Building
Roncalli Hall
Ropes Mansion and Garden
Rose Wing
Round Corner House
Rowland Research Institute
Roxbury Community College Learning Resources Center
Rubenstein Hall
Rubenstein Hall
Runkle House
Ryder Hall
Saint Andrews Masonic Lodge
Saint Ann's Rectory
Saint Botolph Club
Saint Francis Orphanage
Saint Marys Hall
Saint Theresa's Convent
Salem City Hall
Saltonstall State Office Building
Samaritan Emergency Medical Services
Sanders Theater
Sargent-Murray-Gilmon-Hough House
Savoy Theatre
Sawyer Center
Sawyer House
Schmalz House
Schubert Theater
Science and Technology Center
Scituate Town Hall
Sears Crescent Building
Sever Hall
Shad Building
Shannon Building
Shattuck Building
Shaw Building
Shaw House
Shelton Hall
Sherborn Town Hall
Sherman Building
Sherman Fairchild Biochemical Laboratories
Shirley and Alex Aidekman Arts Center
Shriners Burn Institute Research Center
Shubert Theatre
Silver Lake Town Hall
Simmons College Graduate School of Social Work
Simmons College Libraries
Simoni Rink
Sloan Building
Sloan Labs for Aircraft and Auto Engineering
Sloan Metals Processing Laboratory
Slosberg-Landay Wing
Sming Wing
Smith Building
Smith Building
Smith Hall
Smith Research Building
Snell Engineering Center
Soldier's Home in Massachusetts
Soldiers Field Park Building
Somerville City Hall
South Brookline Community Center
South Building
South Hall
Southwell Hall Career Center
Span Building
Sparks Hall
Speare Hall
Spectroscopy Laboratory
Standish Hall
Start House
Stata Center
Stearns Center
Stetson East
Stetson West
Stone Science Building
Stoneham Townhall
Stoneman Wing
Story Building
Stoughton Building
Stoughton Townhall
Stowe Town Hall
Stratton Hall
Stratton Student Center
Stuart House
Sudbury Town Hall
Suffolk Building
Suffolk County Courthouse
Suffolk County House of Correction
Suffolk Manufacturing Company
Sussman House
Swampscott Townhall
Swedenborg School of Religion
Sweet Hall
Sylvan Engineering Information Center
Symphony Hall
Tadbury Building
Tang Center
Tang Residence Hall
Taubman Center
Teele Building
Tellus Institute
Temple Building
Thayer Hall
Thayer House
The College Club
The Towers
The Wayside
Thomas P O'Neill Jr Federal Building
Thoreau Cabin
Thoreau Lyceum
Thorn Wing
Tilton Hall
Tip O'Neil Federal Building
Tousey House
Tower Building
Trowbridge Building
Tsai Performance Center
Tsongas Arena
Tsongas Industrial History Center
Tura's Pharmacy
Ukranian Research Institute
University Hall
Vanderbilt Hall
Vanderslice Hall
Vanserg Building
Veterans Memorial Rink
Voute Hall
Wakefield Town Hall
Wakefield Townhall
Walcott Building
Walker Building
Walker Memorial Building
Walsh Hall
Waltham City Hall
Wang Center
Ware Building
Warren Towers
Washburn Pavilion
Washington Building
Watertown Townhall
Waverly Reading Room
Wayne S Wright Community Resource Center
Wayside Inn
Welch Hall
Weld Boathouse
Welles Block
Wenham Townhall
Werner Otto Hall
West Bridgewater Town Hall
West End House
West Garage
West Hall
Weston Town Hall
Weymouth Agricultural and Industrial Society
Weymouth Townhall
WGBH Educational Foundation Media Archives and Preservation Center
Whitaker Building
Whitaker College of Health Sciences Technology and Management
White Building
White Hall
Whitehead Institute
Whitler House
Whitman Town Hall
Whitman Townhall
Wiesner Arts and Media Technology Building
Wilbur Theatre
William James Hall
William Smith House
Williams Hall
Willis Hall
Wilmington Chamber of Commerce
Wilson Building
Wilson House
Winthrop Townhall
Woburn City Hall
Wolbach Building
Wollaston Theatre
Womens City Club
Womens Educational and Industrial Union
Wood Building
Woonsocket City Hall
Woonsocket District Courthouse
Woonsocket YMCA
World Education-Sables Resource Center
World Phenomenology Institute
World Religions Center
World Trade Center
Wren Hall
Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel
Wright Tavern
Wyeth Building
Wyeth House
Xavier Hall
Yamins Wing

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