Places near Provosts House

Nearby Places
Blakeley Hall (0.0 miles)

Metcalf Hall (0.0 miles)

Barnum Hall (0.1 miles)

MacPhie Hall (0.1 miles)

Dana Biology Lab (0.1 miles)

The Green (0.1 miles)

Goddard Chapel (0.1 miles)

Dewick Hall (0.1 miles)

Edwin Ginn Library (0.1 miles)

Hodgdon Hall (0.1 miles)

Ballou Hall (0.1 miles)

WMFO-FM (Medford) (0.1 miles)

Pearson Chemical Lab (0.1 miles)

Start House (0.1 miles)

Provosts House is a building in the Boston Metropolitan Area.

Beverly Municipal Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 16.1 miles away from Provosts House. is the closest major intersection and is Medford (1.1 miles), Medford Hillside (0.5 miles), North Cambridge (0.9 miles), West Medford (1.3 miles), West Somerville (0.7 miles), and Winter Hill (1.3 miles). Some nearby buildings are Blakeley Hall (0.0 miles), Metcalf Hall (0.0 miles), Barnum Hall (0.1 miles), MacPhie Hall (0.1 miles), Dana Biology Lab (0.1 miles), and Dewick Hall (0.1 miles). Hormel Stadium is approximately 1.2 miles from Provosts House. Hooper Infirmary is a nearby hospital and is 0.2 miles from Provosts House. Interchange Six is the nearest interchange at 1.3 miles away. Tufts University (0.1 miles), West Somerville Neighborhood School (0.3 miles), Cutter School (0.3 miles), Lonin-Dame School (0.3 miles), Saint Clement Elementary School (0.4 miles), and Parson School (0.4 miles) are schools near Provosts House.

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