Places near North Belmont

North Belmont is a populated place in the Charlotte Area.

Not far from: Catawba Heights (1.2 miles), Goshen Grove (0.5 miles), Hutchinson (1.8 miles), McAdenville (1.8 miles), and Springwood (0.8 miles). Bank of America Stadium is about 11.5 miles from North Belmont. WBTV Airport is approximately 10.5 miles away from North Belmont. North Belmont Elementary School, Catawba Heights School, Belmont Abbey College, Sacred Heart College, and McAdenville Elementary School are the schools nearest. Gaston Memorial Hospital is approximately 5.2 miles from North Belmont. Not far from Carolinas Rehabilitation Center - Mount Holly, South Point Lifesaving Crew, Stanley Civil Defense Rescue Squad, Gaston Lifesaving Crew, and Dallas Township Rescue Squad.

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