Places near Fort Mill Primary School

Fort Mill Primary School is a school in the Charlotte Area.

Falls Landing Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 9.5 miles away from Fort Mill Primary School. Fort Mill Elementary School, Fort Mill High School, Riverview School, Jones School, and Fort Mill Middle School are schools nearby. Nearby communities: Brookwood (3.3 miles), Fort Mill (1.1 miles), Grey Rock (2.9 miles), India Hook (3.3 miles), and Riverview (1.1 miles). Center for Orthopaedic Surgery is approximately 6.0 miles from Fort Mill Primary School. Bank of America Stadium is approximately 16.1 miles from Fort Mill Primary School. Nearby buildings include Fort Mill Emergency Medical Services Tega Cay Rescue Squad, Rock Hill Clinic, Winthrop Coliseum, South Carolina Highway Patrol Troop 4 Post B, and Meadow Haven Nursing Center.

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