Places near Hayward Park

Hayward Park is a populated place in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cornerstone Christian School, Centennial Montessori School, Sunnybrae Elementary School, Borel Middle School, and Saint Matthew Catholic School are the schools closest. Not far from San Mateo City Hall, Grace and Truth Hall, House-on-the-Hill, San Mateo Performing Arts Center, and Foster City City Hall. Some cities and towns nearby are Foster City (2.3 miles), Hillsdale (1.3 miles), Laurel (1.6 miles), San Mateo (0.9 miles), and San Mateo Park (1.9 miles). Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County is about 12.6 miles away from Hayward Park. Candlestick Park is about 11.7 miles from Hayward Park. Sutter Health Mills Health Center is a nearby hospital and is 1.0 miles from Hayward Park.

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