Places near Maplewood Park

Maplewood Park is a park in the Seattle Metropolitan Area.

Nearby communities: Edmonds (1.4 miles), Perrinville (0.8 miles), Seattle Heights (1.4 miles), Medo Lynn Mobile Home Park (1.6 miles), and Spacette Mobile Home Community (1.2 miles). Stevens Hospital is approximately 1.4 miles from Maplewood Park. Aurora Stadium is 6.4 miles from Maplewood Park. Lake Union Seaplane Base is approximately 13.3 miles away from Maplewood Park. Nearby buildings: Edmonds Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, Frances Anderson Cultural and Leisure Center, Edmonds Courthouse, Lynnwood Ice Center, and Edmonds City Hall. Maplewood High School, Maplewood Center School, Maplewood K-8 Parent Cooperative School, Seaview Elementary School, and Edmonds Elementary School are schools nearby.

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