Places near Fort Pitt Elementary School

Fort Pitt Elementary School is a school in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area.

Western Pennsylvania Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 0.5 miles from Fort Pitt Elementary School. Closest buildings include Little Angels Child Care and Learning Center (0.3 miles), Its A Small World Day Care Center (0.5 miles), Louise Child Care Center (0.6 miles), Lisa Moores Child Development Center (0.8 miles), Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Education (0.8 miles), Westinghouse E Pittsburgh Airport provides air service in the region and is 7.4 miles away from Fort Pitt Elementary School. is the closest major intersection and is Bloomfield (0.7 miles), East Liberty (1.1 miles), Lawrenceville (1.0 miles), Morningside (1.1 miles), Stanton Heights (0.6 miles), Neighborhood Academy (0.3 miles), Waldorf School of Pittsburgh (0.3 miles), Saint Francis East Wing Secondary School (0.5 miles), Friendship Elementary School (0.6 miles), Rogers Center for Creative and Performing Arts (0.6 miles), are the schools nearest to Fort Pitt Elementary School. Pitt Stadium is about 2.0 miles from Fort Pitt Elementary School.