Places near Elmwood

Nearby Places
Town of Ulen (0.2 miles)

Ulen (0.4 miles)

Brendan Wood (0.4 miles)

Lebanon Senior High School (0.7 miles)

Municipal Park (0.7 miles)

Witham Memorial Hospital (0.9 miles)

Northfield Village (0.9 miles)

Harney Elementary School (1.1 miles)

Boone County (1.2 miles)

Central Elementary School (1.2 miles)

Stringtown (1.2 miles)

Lebanon Middle School (1.3 miles)

Lebanon (1.4 miles)

Township of Center (1.4 miles)

Elmwood is a populated place in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.

Roark Stadium is about 16.7 miles from Elmwood. Weaver Airport is about 9.2 miles away from Elmwood. Witham Memorial Hospital is just 0.9 miles from Elmwood. Nearby communities include Brendan Wood (0.4 miles), Dale (4.8 miles), Northfield Village (0.9 miles), Stringtown (1.2 miles), and Ulen (0.4 miles). Lebanon Senior High School, Harney Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Lebanon Middle School, and Saint Josephs School are the schools closest. Some nearby buildings are Jones Greenhouse, Munce Art Center, Indiana Orthopedic Hospital, Westfield Town Hall, and Saint Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital.

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