Places near Woodland Park

Woodland Park is a populated place in the Denver Area.

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital is approximately 1.6 miles from Woodland Park. Falcon Stadium is about 11.5 miles from Woodland Park. Gateway Elementary School, Woodland Park High School, Columbine Elementary School, Woodland Park Middle School, and Summit Elementary School are the schools closest. Not far from: Chipita Park (5.5 miles), Crystola (3.1 miles), Divide (6.5 miles), Green Mountain Falls (4.6 miles), and Cascade-Chipita Park (4.5 miles). United States Air Force Academy Airstrip provides air service in the region and is 13.2 miles away from Woodland Park. Not far from Penrose Mountain Urgent Care Woodland Park, Teller County Detention Facility, Woodmoor Public Safety, Neeper Cabin, and Rocky Mountain Mobile Medical.

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