Places near Lewis - Palmer Elementary School

Lewis - Palmer Elementary School is a school in the Denver Area.

Falcon Stadium is approximately 7.0 miles from Lewis - Palmer Elementary School. Lewis - Palmer Middle School, Grace Best Elementary School, Lewis - Palmer High School, Bear Creek Elementary School, and Prairie Winds Elementary School are the schools closest. Perry Park Airport is about 10.7 miles away from Lewis - Palmer Elementary School. Located not far from Glen Park (3.9 miles), Gleneagle (3.9 miles), Monument (1.3 miles), Pine Crest (3.3 miles), and Woodmoor (0.3 miles). United States Air Force Academy Hospital is approximately 7.6 miles from Lewis - Palmer Elementary School. Not far from Woodmoor Public Safety, Flight for Life Colorado, Penrose Mountain Urgent Care Woodland Park, El Paso County Search and Rescue, and Rocky Mountain Mobile Medical.

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