Places near Green Mountain High School

Green Mountain High School is a school in the Denver Area.

Devinney Elementary School, Foothills Elementary School, Dunston Middle School, Hutchinson Elementary School, and Green Mountain Elementary School are the closest schools. Denver Federal Center Helistop is 2.7 miles away from Green Mountain High School. Saint Anthony Hospital and Medical Center is a nearby hospital and is 1.8 miles from Green Mountain High School. Jefferson County Stadium is about 2.8 miles from Green Mountain High School. Not far from Green Mountain Recreation Center, Wilbur Rogers Center, Foothills Ice Arena, National Training Center, and The Friends of Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center. Not far from: Green Mountain Village (0.7 miles), Carmody Estates (2.0 miles), College West Estates (1.8 miles), Mountain View Estates (2.4 miles), and Green Mountain (0.9 miles).

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