Places near Salem Church

Nearby Places
Triangle School (0.5 miles)

East Lincoln High School (0.6 miles)

Black Trailer Park (0.8 miles)

Marthas Chapel (1.2 miles)

Cove Haven (1.7 miles)

Cowans Ford Visitors Center (1.9 miles)

East Lincoln High School (2.1 miles)

Cowans Ford Dam (2.1 miles)

Hills Chapel (2.1 miles)

Cowans Ford Overlook (2.2 miles)

Hills Chapel Cemetery (2.2 miles)

Cowans Ford Island (2.3 miles)

Ebenezer Church (2.3 miles)

Unity Church (2.3 miles)

Salem Church is a church in the Charlotte Area.

Bank of America Stadium is 17.4 miles from Salem Church. Triangle School, East Lincoln High School, East Lincoln High School, Southlake Christian Academy, and Francis Bradley Middle School are the schools closest. Nearby buildings include Lincoln Emergency Medical Services, East Lincoln Rescue Squad, Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services, Charlotte Water Works, and Stutts Bait and Tackle. Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville is a nearby hospital and is 7.9 miles from Salem Church. Located not far from Allison Ferry (4.6 miles), Cowans Ford (2.5 miles), Hicks Crossroads (4.4 miles), Lowesville (2.6 miles), and Westport (3.5 miles). Laneys Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 11.1 miles away from Salem Church.

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