Places near Enderly Park

Enderly Park is a park in the Charlotte Area.

Enderly Park School, Phillip O Berry Academy of Technology, Bishop Spaugh Community Academy Middle School, Ashley Park Elementary School, and Lakeview School are the schools closest. Bank of America Stadium is about 2.0 miles from Enderly Park. Wilgrove Air Park is approximately 12.3 miles away from Enderly Park. Levine Childrens Hospital is the nearest hospital, 3.5 miles from Enderly Park. Conveniently located neighborhoods nearby include Chemway (2.3 miles), Homestead (3.4 miles), Hoskins (1.5 miles), Paw Creek (3.9 miles), and Toddville (2.9 miles). Not far from George E. Davis Science Hall (Johnson C. Smith University), mary joyce Crispe Student Union (Johnson C Smith), McCorey Hall Theological Seminary / Science Hall B, Charlotte Water Works - Vest Station, and Charlotte Convention Center.

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