Places near Woonsocket High School

Woonsocket High School is a school in the Boston Metropolitan Area.

Nearby communities include Crooks Corner (1.5 miles), Millerville (1.4 miles), Hamlet (1.0 miles), Social (1.2 miles), and Woonsocket (1.5 miles). Norwood Memorial Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 20.6 miles away from Woonsocket High School. Nearby buildings: Bibliotheque Mallet, Saint Francis Orphanage, Woonsocket District Courthouse, Woonsocket YMCA, and Woonsocket City Hall. Schaefer Stadium is just 12.7 miles from Woonsocket High School. Woonsocket Area Career and Technical School, New Pride School of Hillside, Cass Park Center Woonsocket Head Start, Saint Josephs School, and Good Shepherd Regional Middle School are the schools closest. Landmark Medical Center is a nearby hospital and is 0.5 miles from Woonsocket High School.

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