Places near Walker Home School

Nearby Places
Cochrane Dam (0.3 miles)

Charles River Station (0.4 miles)

Charles River Village (0.4 miles)

Wellesley High School (0.5 miles)

Chickering School (0.7 miles)

Walpole High School (1.1 miles)

Dover Town Library (1.1 miles)

Needham Disposal Area (1.1 miles)

Highland Cemetery (1.1 miles)

Claxton Field (1.1 miles)

Caryl School (1.2 miles)

Dover (1.2 miles)

Saint Dunstans Episcopal Church (1.3 miles)

Dover Church (1.3 miles)

Walker Home School is a school in the Boston Metropolitan Area.

Sudbury Airport provides air service in the region and is 10.4 miles away from Walker Home School. Wellesley High School (0.5 miles), Chickering School (0.7 miles), Walpole High School (1.1 miles), Caryl School (1.2 miles), Newman Elementary School (1.7 miles), are the schools nearest to Walker Home School. Interchange Fifty-Eight is about 3.3 miles away. is the nearest interchange at Charles River Station (0.4 miles), Charles River Village (0.4 miles), Dover (1.2 miles), Needham (2.5 miles), Needham Junction (1.5 miles), Nearby buildings: Needham Townhall (2.2 miles), Mount Ida College Learning Resource Center (4.5 miles), Norfolk County Jail (4.7 miles), Norfolk County Courthouse (4.8 miles), Dedham Townhall (5.0 miles), Somerville Psychiatric Hospital is just 1.9 miles from Walker Home School. Alumni Stadium is approximately 7.4 miles from Walker Home School.

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