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Ivan G Smith School is a school in the Boston Metropolitan Area.

Saint Johns Preparatory School, Dunn Middle School, Danvers High School, Essex County Agricultural and Technical Institution, and Great Oak School are the closest schools. Hunt Memorial Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 1.1 miles from Ivan G Smith School. Tew-Mac Airport is 12.7 miles away from Ivan G Smith School. Some cities and towns nearby are Danvers (1.5 miles), Danvers Center (1.1 miles), Ferncroft (0.6 miles), Hathorne (1.1 miles), and Putnamville (0.9 miles). Nearby buildings include North Shore Community College Learning Resource Center, Danvers Townhall, Wenham Townhall, Hose House Number 2, and Cabot House. Hurd Stadium is just 4.8 miles from Ivan G Smith School.

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