Places near Pilgrim Lutheran Church

Pilgrim Lutheran Church is a church in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pacific Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 1.1 miles from Pilgrim Lutheran Church. Located not far from Dimond District (1.0 miles), Laurel (0.2 miles), Allendale (0.7 miles), Redwood Heights (0.5 miles), and Leona Heights (1.1 miles). Laurel Elementary School, American Indian Public Charter School, American Indian Public High School, Saint Lawrence OToole School, and Redwood Heights Elementary School are schools nearby. Davie Stadium is 2.3 miles from Pilgrim Lutheran Church. Oakland International Airport is 4.7 miles away from Pilgrim Lutheran Church. Nearby buildings include Fred Finch Childrens Home, Alderwood Hall, The Abbey, Woodminster Amphitheatre, and Warren Olney Hall.

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