Places near J E Richards Middle School

J E Richards Middle School is a school in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Some cities and towns nearby are Bristol Downs (1.0 miles), Inglenook (0.8 miles), La Mancha (1.4 miles), Murphy Estates (1.3 miles), and Murphyville (1.3 miles). Nearby buildings include Summitridge Psychiatric Hospital, Gwinnett County Courthouse, Lawrenceville CBOC, Gwinnett County VA Clinic, and Georgia Department of Labor. Dekalb-Peachtree Airport is 16.7 miles away from J E Richards Middle School. Centennial High School Football Stadium is just 16.6 miles from J E Richards Middle School. Cedar Hill Elementary School, Margaret Winn Holt Elementary School, Oakland Meadow School, Sola Fide Lutheran School, and Alton C Crews Middle School are the closest schools. Gwinnett Medical Center is the nearest hospital, 2.5 miles from J E Richards Middle School.

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