Places near Gresham Park Elementary School

Gresham Park Elementary School is a school in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Nearby buildings: Helms Transitional Center, Metro Transitional Center, Georgia State Patrol Headquarters, DeKalb Regional Youth Detention Center, and Georgia Bureau of Investigation Headquarters. Panthersville Stadium is about 2.4 miles from Gresham Park Elementary School. Georgia Regional Hospital at Atlanta is a nearby hospital and is 2.7 miles from Gresham Park Elementary School. Johnsons Learning Center, Cambridge Academy, Ronald E McNair High School, Walker High School, and Meadowview Elementary School are the schools nearest. Jims Private Airport is approximately 12.6 miles away from Gresham Park Elementary School. Not far from: Constitution (2.3 miles), Eastland Heights (1.0 miles), Gresham Park (0.6 miles), Thomasville (2.3 miles), and Whitehall Forest Estates (1.9 miles).

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