Places near Glen Ridge

Nearby Places
Imperial Estates (0.6 miles)

Prays Mill Church (0.7 miles)

Bill Arp (0.7 miles)

Laurel Heights (0.9 miles)

White Oak Estates (0.9 miles)

West Lake (1.0 miles)

Bill Arp Elementary School (1.1 miles)

Aberdeen Estates (1.2 miles)

Thurmon Lake Dam (1.3 miles)

Aline Estates (1.4 miles)

Lake Sarah Glenn Dam (1.4 miles)

Johnson Land (1.4 miles)

Alexander High School (1.5 miles)

Seminole Valley (1.5 miles)

Glen Ridge is a populated place in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

South Fulton Airport is about 14.0 miles away from Glen Ridge. Wellstar Douglas Hospital is approximately 6.2 miles from Glen Ridge. Some nearby buildings are Inner Harbour Treatment Center for Children and Families, Douglas County Health Department, Douglas County Jail, Douglasville City Hall, and Douglas County Courthouse. Bill Arp Elementary School, Alexander High School, Kings Way Christian School, Dorsett Shoals Elementary School, and Yeager Middle School are schools nearby. Located not far from Aberdeen Estates (1.2 miles), Imperial Estates (0.6 miles), Laurel Heights (0.9 miles), West Lake (1.0 miles), and White Oak Estates (0.9 miles). Mercedes-Benz Stadium is approximately 24.2 miles from Glen Ridge.

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