Places near Crawfordsville Baptist Church

Nearby Places
Crawford Church (0.3 miles)

Sunrise Church (0.4 miles)

Mann Lake Dam (0.5 miles)

Congressional District 4 (0.6 miles)

Lake Rockaway Dam (0.8 miles)

Lake Capri (0.8 miles)

Lakeview Estates (0.9 miles)

Lake Capri Dam (1.0 miles)

Lower Lake Capri Dam (1.1 miles)

Union Grove Church (1.2 miles)

Lakeview Church (1.2 miles)

Bond Lake Dam (1.3 miles)

Tom George Dam (1.3 miles)

Lees Lake Dam (1.3 miles)

Crawfordsville Baptist Church is a church in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Nearby buildings include Georgia Station Patrol Post 46 Police Station, Rockdale County Board of Education, Rockdale County Senior Center, Rockdale County Courthouse, and J P Carr Gymnasium. Philadelphia Christian School, Conyers Apostolic Christian Academy, Strayer University Lithonia Campus, J H House Elementary School, and Alpha Academy are the schools closest. Nearby communities include Collinsville (2.4 miles), Lake Capri (0.8 miles), Lakeview Estates (0.9 miles), Lithonia (3.4 miles), and Milstead (3.4 miles). LT World Airport provides air service in the region and is 4.5 miles away from Crawfordsville Baptist Church. Reid Memorial Stadium is 3.5 miles from Crawfordsville Baptist Church. Rockdale Medical Center is approximately 3.1 miles from Crawfordsville Baptist Church.

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