Places near Avondale Patillo Christian School

Avondale Patillo Christian School is a school in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

International Community Charter School, Avondale Elementary School, Avondale Middle School, Becker Adventist School, and Robert Shaw Elementary School are schools nearby. Not far from DeKalb County Jail, Atlanta VA Clinic, Agnes Scott Hall, Buttrick Hall, and Decatur City Hall. LT World Airport is about 10.8 miles away from Avondale Patillo Christian School. Located not far from Avondale Estates (0.6 miles), Belvedere Park (1.5 miles), Clarkston (2.6 miles), Ingleside (0.7 miles), and Scottdale (1.2 miles). Dekalb Medical Center is just 1.8 miles from Avondale Patillo Christian School. Adams Stadium is about 5.4 miles from Avondale Patillo Christian School.

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